Saturday, August 6, 2011

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours 2017

Between two mysterious rivers lies a strange land called West Virginia.

All manner of magical creatures have materialized throughout its hills and valleys, mountains and rivers, as well. Monsters have appeared and vanished here, but not for long.
Parkersburg, West Virginia is one such city where hauntings abound. It is a place where ghosts are prone to lurk, banshees don't mind keening, mothmen aren't afraid to fly, witches dance in secret and there are graveyards where statues famously get up and walk.

At nighttime the streets of downtown Parkersburg are ghosted in the mists of shadows and eerie, meandering alleyways. Presences are felt from Civil War times when Parkersburg was said to be "the wickedest city along the Ohio River." Many believe it is still the most haunted.

But ghosts aren't the only supernatural creatures that haunt Parkersburg. The small, river city is also the only place on record where the alien Indrid Cold touched down in his spaceship on a foggy November night in 1966. (The story was covered in John Keel's "Mothman Prophecies" and more recently, the movie "Eyes of the Mothman.")

But that's only one of Parkersburg's famous paranormal tales. In addition, we have graveyard ghouls and vexing railroad ghosts. There are houses where ghostly children refuse to leave... a haunted hotel and places poltergeists continue to posses. That doesn't even cover our own haunted island where a woman in white is a ghostly remnant, mourning the life and losses she once had.

After all, Parkersburg has always had exceptional tales of the supernatural. Its popular Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, led by Susan Sheppard, is voted one of those most well-received in the nation. Likewise, Parkersburg remains a nortorious investigation site for ghost hunters from throughout the nation. The Blennerhassett Hotel, where the ghost tour starts out, was voted by MSNBC as the 6th most haunted hotel in North America, only beaten out for 5th place by the Stanley, or the famous "Shining Hotel" in Colorado. Paranormal activity is high at the Blennerhassett Hotel and is a great place to sense the spirits.
So, are you ready to explore the unique hauntings and paranormal tales of Parkersburg? All tours meet at 7:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Blennerhassett Hotel at 4th and Market Streets, downtown Parkersburg, WV.

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours
2017 Scheduled Tours
Every Friday & Saturday Night through November 4

Friday September 29
Saturday September 30

Friday October 6
Saturday October 7

Friday October 13
Saturday October 14

Friday October 20
Saturday October 21

Friday October 27
Saturday October 28

Sunday October 29
Monday October 30

Halloween Tour
Tuesday October 31st

Friday November 3
Saturday November 4

Would you like a private ghost tour? Or a private haunted cemetery tour? Please look at the links for contact and other information.

 Cost for the ghost tour is $12.00 Adults. Seniors & Students are $10.00
 Children 13 and under $5.00. Children under 6 are not recommended.
For more information (304) 428-7978
Don't forget about our special private tours!  $15 per person. Under 8 people $20 For groups, price is negotiable.

Your tour guide Susan Sheppard. Please call (304) 428-7978 for more information about the 2016 Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours.


  1. I'm hooked. If I ever get to travel to W.V. I want to do this tour. :)

  2. I grew up in Parkersburg, WV...We lived in Juliann Square. I grew up in a haunted house, I know for a fact that many ghost do roam there...because I have seen them, as children we would play at the Riverview Cemetery. Checking out some of the very old grave markers.
    I regret, not being able to attend one of the tours, as I would find it very fascinating.
    Maybe one day soon, I will be able to attend.

    1. Wow, Kitty--which house was it? I wonder if it is one on the ghost tour. Yes, special neighborhood to be sure, beautifully old-fashioned and a gem in our city.

  3. Hi! I'd like to participate in one of the tours this weekend if there are still openings. I've been trying to call but haven't been able to get through. Thanks!

  4. Hi Penny, Of course there is room. I'm sorry about the missed calls. I have put my left shoulder out, very painful, so sometimes take a pain pill and lie down. I'm so sorry. In the future, just call back. I'm a night owl and more likely to catch me afternoon. Thank you, see you this weekend! -- Susan

  5. Thanks! I'll try again tomorrow. There will be 3 adults.

  6. Is there a tour on Sunday November 1st? I saw the Blennerhassett Hotel site say it's through the 1st but this says the 31st

  7. Thought you might like #6 ;)

  8. My SO and I are moving to Parkersburg at the end of this month (August). I am a HUGE fan of the Paranormal, so I'm really looking forward to visiting all the haunted places in Parkersburg!

    1. Well, I am so excited and hope to meet you on the tours!

  9. My SO and I are moving to Parkersburg at the end of this month (August). I am a HUGE fan of the Paranormal, so I'm really looking forward to visiting all the haunted places in Parkersburg!

  10. Hi, Susan,
    Will there be tours this spring (2017)? I'm new to Parkersburg and excited to learn more about the area!

    1. Oh so sorry I missed this... No, but we start up September 29th and also I can do private tours most of the year. Spring and fall work best but do not hesitate to ask. Thanks!