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Card for Erzulie Red Eyes

Erzulie Red Eyes

With scarlet eyes that glow like burning embers, Erzulie Red Eyes is another aspect of the Voodoo goddess loas Erzulie Freda and Erzulie Dantor. However, she is not exactly the same. Erzulie Red Eyes is more extreme when it comes to destructive urges and righteous anger. She is passionate along the same lines of her Erzulie sisters, but she takes on a more caustic element, seeking both retribution and revenge when she feels that she or her loved ones have been wronged.  The passion of Erzulie Red Eyes sears and seethes.
As warrior and a protector, Erzulie is the patron of  women and children equally. She frequents children’s wards and areas where surgery is performed in hospitals. Like her sister Dantor, she is the fierce protector of all women but Erzulie Red Eyes believes gay women need her allegiance and protection the most, thus, she is the guardian of lesbians.
       She generally does not get involved in overt violence or destruction directly, but leaves her enemies to their own devices and will cease to support them. The lack of her support us what typically leads to the downfall, not the rage of Erzulie Red Eyes. Yet, she tends to be covert and shadowy. She walks between worlds like the other loas and at times witnesses can see her red eyes in a window or doorway when she makes a visit.
       Erzulie Red Eyes is not demonic nor is she a vampire but is attracted to blood. It is said her partner is Ogun, who represents the iron in the blood which implies their power and their strength. She can be violent when she chooses to be, and has a personality which easily slides into anger. Be cautious about the situation when this card appears. It often indicates, judgment is about to be enforced and something is going to fail or fall.
Story of Erzulie Red Eyes
Erzulie Red Eyes shadows and even parallels the two more familiar Erzulie’s but she is a spirit entirely to herself. While the other Erzulie’s also represent passion and protection this crimson-eyed loa goes a step beyond. She has been angered and she seeks retribution. No one entirely knows why, because Erzulie Red Eyes remains shrouded in nighttime shadows and dawn mountain mists. Her male counterpart is Ogun, a primoridal orisha who first appeared in Africa as a hunter, later becoming a warrior and a defender.
      Unlike Erzulie Freda, Red Eyes dislikes most sweets, preferring cayenne peppers, pulled pork and rum. However, the best cake offering for Erzulie Red Eyes is a red velvet cake but without any cream. In fragrances, she is drawn to the scent of patchouli and cinnamon. You would think this loa of anger and destruction would not care about housekeeping, but like Gaelic fairies, she prefers homes to be organized, clean and well-kept.
      Erzulie Red Eyes’s primary role is as a guardian to the weak, the persecuted, victims of evil and also to herself.  She is a part of the Petro pantheon. Petro are considered angry spirits and can be used in black magic.  These are spirits created to endure harshness and they are associated with slavery times. Erzulie Red Eyes will also visit vengeance on one who betrays a lover, whether heterosexual or homosexual. She does not distinguish between man, woman or child. Whenever her spirit is around, it is reported people’s eyes will itch. She aids the jealous and slighted in love and is never fleeting in her approach. She is patient and will exact her revenge at the most appropriate and fated time. Despite her bad reputation for being bent on revenge, Erzulie Freda loves wide open spaces and traveling over distances. She can be called upon as a protectress during trips.
Erzulie Red Eyes Meaning
When the Erzulie Red Eyes card turns up in a reading, if your life isn’t going through some dramatic changes you can expect them to happen soon. Change cannot be emphasize enough, it will likely be sudden and not always so welcome. You will have to go through some adjustments in order to bring about this transformation over many areas of your life.  You may sense something lurking your may not wish to confront, at least not yet. However, there will be a confrontaton and it will be soon.
        What you are expecting will not come about in the way you expect it to. You may have hidden opponents that may work to sabotage your success. Or, there would be something you are not seeing which somehow works against you. It could be motives which are puporseful or just something you aren’t seeing. In matters of love, however, this card can be a good sign because it represents certain bonds what cannot be broken or a love that one simply cannot shake off.
       You may encounter a woman who has been single for many years, or one who is a widow who may have some relevance regarding your question. This card can also suggest a woman who is a rival, either in romance or business, one who may be obsessed with you or exhibits some kind of stalking behavior. You may find your home or an area that you frequent hanted by a female spirit that is trapped there by some sense of bitterness, an extended illness or a regret. You may experience communications from female ancestors who have passed on.
       Someone may be having vengeful feelings toward you, or vice versa, there may be a score you’d like to even out. It’s important now to not get involved in any intrigues or arguments for they will surely work against you.
        The good news about this card is there will be a clearing away of debris and the decks are now being cleared for new action. It is time to start over, and rebuild. It is time to stand up for yourself and take those who have wronged you to task, so you can begin anew and forge a more positive direction, no matter how scary it might seem, without losing ground. It is time to gather your forces, and claim what is yours.
       Key words and phrases for the Erzulie Red Eyes Veve: Karmic retribution, romantic rivals,  time to pay up, judgement, total collapse, romantic stalking behavior, jealousy, envy, outsmarting the opposition, the other man or woman, an argument, a confrontation, being challenged, unexpected reactions or developments, feeling aroused, an illicit affair, the appearance of an opponent or rival, the sudden destruction of something that was relied upon or believed would always be there.
Catholic Saint: Princess Olga Kiev
Egyptian Deity: Sekhmet
Colors: Crimson or garnet red
Day of the week: Thursday
Astrological Archetype: Aries
Tarot Card: The Tower
Holiday: Lammas or Midsummer





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