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Card for Erzulie Red Eyes

Erzulie Red Eyes

With scarlet eyes that glow like burning embers, Erzulie Red Eyes is another aspect of the Voodoo goddess loas Erzulie Freda and Erzulie Dantor. However, she is not exactly the same. Erzulie Red Eyes is more extreme when it comes to destructive urges and righteous anger. She is passionate along the same lines of her Erzulie sisters, but she takes on a more caustic element, seeking both retribution and revenge when she feels that she or her loved ones have been wronged.  The passion of Erzulie Red Eyes sears and seethes.
As warrior and a protector, Erzulie is the patron of  women and children equally. She frequents children’s wards and areas where surgery is performed in hospitals. Like her sister Dantor, she is the fierce protector of all women but Erzulie Red Eyes believes gay women need her allegiance and protection the most, thus, she is the guardian of lesbians.
       She generally does not get involved in overt violence or destruction directly, but leaves her enemies to their own devices and will cease to support them. The lack of her support us what typically leads to the downfall, not the rage of Erzulie Red Eyes. Yet, she tends to be covert and shadowy. She walks between worlds like the other loas and at times witnesses can see her red eyes in a window or doorway when she makes a visit.
       Erzulie Red Eyes is not demonic nor is she a vampire but is attracted to blood. It is said her partner is Ogun, who represents the iron in the blood which implies their power and their strength. She can be violent when she chooses to be, and has a personality which easily slides into anger. Be cautious about the situation when this card appears. It often indicates, judgment is about to be enforced and something is going to fail or fall.
Story of Erzulie Red Eyes
Erzulie Red Eyes shadows and even parallels the two more familiar Erzulie’s but she is a spirit entirely to herself. While the other Erzulie’s also represent passion and protection this crimson-eyed loa goes a step beyond. She has been angered and she seeks retribution. No one entirely knows why, because Erzulie Red Eyes remains shrouded in nighttime shadows and dawn mountain mists. Her male counterpart is Ogun, a primoridal orisha who first appeared in Africa as a hunter, later becoming a warrior and a defender.
      Unlike Erzulie Freda, Red Eyes dislikes most sweets, preferring cayenne peppers, pulled pork and rum. However, the best cake offering for Erzulie Red Eyes is a red velvet cake but without any cream. In fragrances, she is drawn to the scent of patchouli and cinnamon. You would think this loa of anger and destruction would not care about housekeeping, but like Gaelic fairies, she prefers homes to be organized, clean and well-kept.
      Erzulie Red Eyes’s primary role is as a guardian to the weak, the persecuted, victims of evil and also to herself.  She is a part of the Petro pantheon. Petro are considered angry spirits and can be used in black magic.  These are spirits created to endure harshness and they are associated with slavery times. Erzulie Red Eyes will also visit vengeance on one who betrays a lover, whether heterosexual or homosexual. She does not distinguish between man, woman or child. Whenever her spirit is around, it is reported people’s eyes will itch. She aids the jealous and slighted in love and is never fleeting in her approach. She is patient and will exact her revenge at the most appropriate and fated time. Despite her bad reputation for being bent on revenge, Erzulie Freda loves wide open spaces and traveling over distances. She can be called upon as a protectress during trips.
Erzulie Red Eyes Meaning
When the Erzulie Red Eyes card turns up in a reading, if your life isn’t going through some dramatic changes you can expect them to happen soon. Change cannot be emphasize enough, it will likely be sudden and not always so welcome. You will have to go through some adjustments in order to bring about this transformation over many areas of your life.  You may sense something lurking your may not wish to confront, at least not yet. However, there will be a confrontaton and it will be soon.
        What you are expecting will not come about in the way you expect it to. You may have hidden opponents that may work to sabotage your success. Or, there would be something you are not seeing which somehow works against you. It could be motives which are puporseful or just something you aren’t seeing. In matters of love, however, this card can be a good sign because it represents certain bonds what cannot be broken or a love that one simply cannot shake off.
       You may encounter a woman who has been single for many years, or one who is a widow who may have some relevance regarding your question. This card can also suggest a woman who is a rival, either in romance or business, one who may be obsessed with you or exhibits some kind of stalking behavior. You may find your home or an area that you frequent hanted by a female spirit that is trapped there by some sense of bitterness, an extended illness or a regret. You may experience communications from female ancestors who have passed on.
       Someone may be having vengeful feelings toward you, or vice versa, there may be a score you’d like to even out. It’s important now to not get involved in any intrigues or arguments for they will surely work against you.
        The good news about this card is there will be a clearing away of debris and the decks are now being cleared for new action. It is time to start over, and rebuild. It is time to stand up for yourself and take those who have wronged you to task, so you can begin anew and forge a more positive direction, no matter how scary it might seem, without losing ground. It is time to gather your forces, and claim what is yours.
       Key words and phrases for the Erzulie Red Eyes Veve: Karmic retribution, romantic rivals,  time to pay up, judgement, total collapse, romantic stalking behavior, jealousy, envy, outsmarting the opposition, the other man or woman, an argument, a confrontation, being challenged, unexpected reactions or developments, feeling aroused, an illicit affair, the appearance of an opponent or rival, the sudden destruction of something that was relied upon or believed would always be there.
Catholic Saint: Princess Olga Kiev
Egyptian Deity: Sekhmet
Colors: Crimson or garnet red
Day of the week: Thursday
Astrological Archetype: Aries
Tarot Card: The Tower
Holiday: Lammas or Midsummer





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How to Know When the Dead Are Talking To You by Susan Sheppard

When we pass from this dimension into the next one, into the state we call death, it can be both a dramatic and a subtle change. It is dramatic, as in a traumatic for those of us left behind, but a subtle change for the persons who have passed on as they are now fully themselves. They only lack a body so can move more freely than ever before.

I like to explain to others, as a life-long psychic medium, the way to think of communicating with the dead is to imagine a bridge arcing over a river or a stream separating two lands. You can’t see the other side very well, but sometimes you are allowed to walk onto that bridge and look over it to see glimpses of the afterlife, where loved ones may also be. And sometimes (if they wish) the dead are able to do the same by coming to see us.

In dreams or when the conditions are right, you can actually walk up half way on that bridge and reconnect with loved ones or other spirits of the dead and they can do the same. It is a type of meeting place where the living and dead can meet up again – mid way on that bridge. (This is why psychics are often called “mediums” – meaning to meet half way.)
To do this in a dramatic way is what ghost stories and tales of connecting with lost loved ones are filled. It is actually rare to see a spirit as they were in life and if so it tends to be spontaneous and unexpected. We may only have a few such encounters (seeing the person) in one lifetime. Some people don’t have any such dramatic encounters.  Psychic mediums may have them happen more often. But a sudden encounter with a dead loved in spirit form or another soul can be rare.
Connecting with spirits happen in two specific ways – in the outer way—that is seeing one—again, this is rather rare but is what Hollywood ghost stories are all about  or through psychic ability where one can connects with the spirit world inwardly through psychic gifts. A talented psychic medium can do this in any place or at any time, after all there is really no human sense of time or space in the spirit world.
Then there is also third way which comes about as messages. These can be easily missed if one is unaware of the ways the dead speaks to us because they tend to be subtle. Here are just some of them.

Dreams are by far the easiest way for the dead to communicate, especially when the someone is open and attuned to spirit realm already.  It is universally believed that we all travel into the astral realms while we are asleep and the dead also travel in these realms. Sometimes we may dream of deceased loved ones and it really isn’t a message, it is just a memory or is something our unconscious mind is working out about their passing, this loss is always traumatic for those left behind. However, when the dream is especially vivid about a loved one who has died, there is a strong sense of their presence upon waking, or there is a message in the dream, it is likely the loved one is making contact. Usually the message is to assure the living that the dead are fine.

I once had a dream where my great-uncle appeared to me in a dream to give me a message. Strangely, he had died years before I was born and I never met him in life. I dreamed I saw a doorway swing open in the sky. A man stepped through whom resembled W.C. Fields but with a more normal nose. He was dressed in the clothing of the 1930s. He walked toward me said, “My name is Custer Chapman and I want you to know I am proud of you.” Later when I described the man to my aunts and uncles who knew him, they agreed that is what Custer Chapman had looked like.
If you continue to dream repeatedly about a person who has died, either there is a strong message they want to convey, such as a warning, or they are worried about something in your life of the lives of people surrounding you. It’s very important to pay attention to such repeating dreams.

Recurring Thoughts

These are the days when you cannot shake away memories and thoughts of a deceased loved one or friend.  You may pass a group of people talking and believe you hear the voice of your deceased person or you may believe you suddenly see them in a crowd.  Television shows or songs may trigger memories of past times with the deceased person.  This is a type of afterlife telepathy between you and your loved one. You can be assured when you have these thoughts they are also “thinking” (more like remembering) times with you.

The Sudden Appearance or Changes in Meaningful Objects

This change or sudden appearance of meaningful objects are usually associated with the person who has died. One day I walked past my curio cabinet and noticed that a 1920s picture of my grandmother had worked its way half way out of the frame. I was surprised because the photograph was behind the glass of the curio cabinet and also behind the glass of the picture frame. No one had touched it. Around the same time, my cousin went into her bedroom and found our grandmother’s handkerchief was lying spread out in the middle of her bed. It has been put away in chest with other old family objects. It wasn’t long after that a distant cousin contacted us that she wanted to meet her cousins. She was related to us through this grandmother.
One evening I was in my studio typing on my computer when I glimpsed a piece of paper flutter to the floor. It appeared out of nowhere. When I picked it up, it was my father’s funeral notice. Incredibly, it was also the date of his death—February 20th.  (This funeral notice had been put away in a book in another area of the home.) My mother was to have a routine operation in a month or so. This gave me an eerie feeling. The operation ended up being a fatal one, even though my mother lasted three years in a nursing home. I believe it was my father warning me but I simply didn’t understand his message.  Whenever such objects appear or change locations--- that means something is about to happen that you need to be warned or cautioned over.

Spectral Touches

It can be disconcerting when a spirit touches you but it does happen. You can be patted, touched and even pushed by spirits in haunted areas. But when the spirit touches you in a soft or caressing way, oftentimes it is a deceased relative or friend. Sometimes it may feel as if a hand has been placed on your shoulder or waist, at other times it may feel as a full caress. Generally, if you are open or intuitive, it is even possible for you to discern who the spirit was to you in life. You will just sense it.
Apparitional Smells

By far, the most common way spirits manifest in the physical world is by smells, especially aromas associated with them in their lifetimes on earth. Also, scientists know that of all of the senses it is the sense of smell that is most linked to memory. With the appearance of a certain smell, we can be immediately transported back through time into our childhoods and earliest memories.
Usually after a person dies, the first thing members of the family may experience is the sudden appearance of apparitional smells. These may come across as a certain cologne or perfume, cut flowers, pipe smoke or cigars, maybe odors associated with the decedents past work history, such as gasoline, chemicals, the smell of wood or even coffee perking.  At times the appearances of apparitional smells simply mean, “I am here now” and “I have not left you” and at other times they are also a warning of some imminent change, though not necessarily a bad one. Usually it is just the presence of the spirit that is being announced. But if you start noticing “smells that don’t belong” it would be wise to open to the possibility of a spirit in the environment or even a deceased loved one returning to visit.

At the Blennerhassett Hotel in Parkersburg, West Virginia there is a haunting by a smoking gentleman who is the builder and former owner of the hotel. I often get his cigar smoke in my home. I know his presence means comfort and protection for me. Seldom do these apparitional smells indicate anything that anyone should be alarmed over.

Hearing the Voices of Deceased Loved Ones
This usually happens when you are involved in an activity where your mind has gone on autopilot and you are thinking of something else entirely. Behind you, you may hear someone say your name but when you turn no one is there, or the people present are involved in other activities or conversation. You may ask if someone called out to you, and usually the answer will be “no.” Sometimes the voice will be recognizable or only a faint whisper. Typically, you can determine the gender behind the voice, such as whether it is a man or a woman, or even a child. At rare times you may hear entire sentences, such as the time I heard my deceased mother say, “I used to sleep here on the couch.” Which she did.

Another way to hear spirit voices is through a type of “white noise” and that is when there are other frequencies in the room, blotting out the silence. Strangely, spirits can use the energy and sound frequencies of running water or anything electrical such as fans in use in place of vocal cords since they have none. It is not unusual to hear talking or conversations when bath water is running, fans are turned on or even over heating systems or air conditioning. These voices are sometimes hard to make out, but they are distinct and can indicate spirit presences but also imprints, which are not really souls, but imprinted energies that can be played back when conditions are right.

If the voice is single, and it wakes you up or speaks in your ear, oftentimes it is only one ear that picks up the voice. For me it’s always my right ear. I’m left-handed and right-brain dominant so this makes sense.

Rapping Sounds
These tend to sound like they are coming from inside a wall, another room, or sometimes will sound as if someone if knocking on the door. This tends to happen fairly soon after a person’s death. It simply means, “Hello, I made it. I’m still around but I’m also in this other place. See you later.” If the rapping sounds continue they are most likely a part of the poltergeist phenomena, another type of haunting that might involve other disembodied spirits or even sporadic bursts of psychic energy which is a type of telekinesis.

What Small Children Say
Children often remain very pure because they are closer to heaven than we are. After all, they have just left heaven or the astral plane to join us in the visible world, the world of matter, DNA and physicality. Pay attention with small children will talk about relatives, people they have known or persons you knew but they didn’t.
Children may say things like “Grandma came to rock me in my chair the other night” or “Pappy came in my room and combed my hair.” Or they may see an old picture of a deceased family member and say, “I remember when they were in a fire” and it turns out to be true.
Do not shame them, they may more often than not be telling the truth. Sadly, as children grow older this connection to the spirit world is often lost or at least goes into hiding.  
Animals are also sensitive to spirits and may bark at empty areas or look at certain parts of the house and act on guard. You can never be sure what this is because they may remember someone being in that area, it could be a mouse or termites, do not be alarmed. In fact, during some of my spirit visitations my pets slept right thought them and never woke up at all.

Seeing Shapes and Forms in Your Peripheral Vision

It is rare to see a spirit dead on, as in a full bodied apparition. If you do happen to see a full bodied apparition, typically the person will look exactly as they did in life. They will either project themselves at the age your remember them, or they may manifest at the age they felt the healthiest and strongest. Typically when we discern spirits in our environment through our “sight,” we will perceive them as shapes or forms in our peripheral or “side” vision and not straight on. You may sense movement, see a form pass by but when you turn to look it has disappeared out of sight. Generally, this happens in haunted places but can also indicate the presence of loved ones who have passed on.
If you are blessed with the gift of mediumship, you can usually connect with spirits at any time just by focusing on them, and asking them for a message or a sign. It is important to remember that usually after loved ones have passed on, it is best to leave them alone and allow them to adjust to their new world, their new home and environment. It is very important to also let go of them. If you mourn or grieve too long, this worries them and disrupts their progress in the next world.
If they wish to contact you, you will be sent a message or a sign in the ways previously mentioned. Just remember, they are not gone, they are as alive as they ever were. You just can’t see them, at least, it would be rare if you did. To be honest, in most instances it best to allow them to “rest in peace.” What the dead wish for is your happiness and for them to be at peace. One day you will catch up with them and it will seem as if no time has passed at all.

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Written In the Stars:

Your Love and Passion Astroscopes for Valentine’s Day and After 2012

By Susan Sheppard

“Love consists in this: Two solitudes that protect and touch and greet each other.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Romantic love is one thing that never tires, and should endure, regardless of what, if it is true love. If it is not true love, it will neither endure. Love of all kinds heals, romantic love especially, gives hope, emboldens and enlivens. I believe the most important word in Rilke’s quote is “protect.” If you love someone or someone, you will protect that person and not align yourself against him or her. You will not be afraid to fight and defend that which you claim to love.

True love is strong, as strong a 1000 year old tree in a forest. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, love always perseveres.” : 1 Corinthians 13:48


Love is of a serious nature now but also quite unpredictable. If you believe you can predict where this romance is leading you, think again. There are even more surprises in store. Venus and Uranus in your 1st House of Self have overturned the apple-cart and so there is a lot of cleaning up to do. Saturn transiting your 7th House of adult relationships may seem trying if not oppressive and frightening. You may want to break free from the oppression but will need to give it until the summer of 2012 to wrap up your troubles in order to find yourself in a better place. There will be further karmic explosions when Mars moves up along Saturn’s transit of Libra in July of 2012. Mars in Libra is in its detriment -- a place where the expressions of the planet's natural inclinations are confined by the rules and regulations of Saturn. Just remember, you won’t be able to please everyone, most especially yourself. Lucky colors: gold and red.


The planets have put you in a heady place this Valentine’s Day. You have just fallen in love with the idea of love and all that it brings you. Mars will stay in your 5th House until the summer season rolls around, so expect some fireworks. You may go through periods of bickering and arguing with your amour but it’s normal at this time. This simply signifies a time when feelings will feel ruffled. Your enemies may wish to harass your romantic relationship and even horn in on your pleasure. At the same time, expect a great deal of physical passion and putting down stakes. You or your love may become unusually jealous or possessive at this time, so it’s important to give each other free reign and curtail any jealousies that flare up. It may be a time when you and your lover are finding it hard to get on the same page or to match up your schedules. Next month will bring in better news. For those who are still single look for a person who enflames passion in you is soon to arrive. Lucky colors: Indigo and sea green.


With Saturn in your 5th House of Love and Romance, this is an area where you will feel frozen and unable to move forward. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the romance cannot move ahead for various reasons. The positive spin on this, though, is you are attracting lovers or just playmates that have something to teach before getting ready for that big, monumental relationship that could very well move into your life after the middle of 2012. There’s no doubt, as far as affection is concerned, you’ve had a long dry spell and some playful passions will be even more appreciated when they bubble up in the warmer months. There is even better news, the love you are about to meet (or already have met) is going to be quite different than the rest of the fold, a bit on the quirky side in all of the ways that you love. Be open, because this gal or guy is marches to the beat of not only different drummer, but outside the whole damned galaxy, as well. Start making plans on how to explain him or her to the people you know. This one is an odd duck. Lucky colors: Stripes of navy and white.


With Saturn in your 4th House, there is not only a winter on the outside of your house but inside your house as well. A chilly place for the time being, you will find solace in your power to create and invent. You may either find yourself walking on eggshells or just greatly misunderstood. There have been power struggles in relationships across the board, but none so much as personal ones, the ones that matter the most to you. Jupiter in the 11th House is telling you to take comfort in your friends. Mars in the 3rd House warns it is not yet the time to speak your mind and air your feelings. It is better to transform this energy through transforming the lives of others and yourself. Neptune aligning Mercury in your 9th House says it is time to allow your mind and future plans to soar. This week may be a busy one in terms of romantic propositions but it is not yet the time to start a romance of any serious nature. This week should be a playful one, never the less. The full moon next month has some surprises in store, not just for you, but everyone. Watch out for secret romantic as well as professional alignments. Lucky colors: Scarlet-brown.


If you are pretty proud of yourself for playing a very efficient and effective puppeteer, now’s the time to be a little more careful than you have been. Neptune and Mercury in your 8th House of Passion but also Endings, indicate that you have the power to attract a lover right now, but be careful of what you do with him or her. It might all blow up in your face, and not only make not a pretty scene, but a difficult one to explain to others. Avoid any off –the-cuff remarks can put you in some hot water. Intimate relationships will have some spiritual undercurrents but can turn out very confusing for the both of you. Do be careful of an over indulgence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances or it may come back on you in an embarrassing may. And what you believe that belongs to you may not belong to you. This is a time when boundaries may become very fuzzy and confused. A love interest who attracts you during this cycle may be somebody who you previously wouldn't consider attractive, or someone whose cultural background is very different than yours. Make sure your friends aren’t laughing at you. Lucky color: Pewter.


You may be questioning your relationship with your partner right now. It could even be your spouse or romantic partner is being very elusive at the current time. If you are not in a relationship, and want to start one, just be careful of idealizing that potential mate very early one. It may seem like this lover is “the one” but could end up disappointing you in some major ways. On the other hand, however, you may be connecting with others in a more spiritual way than ever before. Don’t expect your partner or lover to fulfill everything in your life. This always sets up for a disappointment and you don’t need any more of those kind. The good news is your partner may soon be getting a financial boost, and your relationship is healing, revitalizing and changing. This month, especially, you are seeking a deeper union. Those who need healed sexually will be. You have until summer to get the bugs worked out. Mars in Virgo has given you energy, and made your life busy. Just don’t get baited by loved ones, this is a long transit. Lucky color: Deep red.


With Saturn transiting your Sun, any relationship you embark upon at this time will have a serious quality and is meant to help you grow up and learn some valuable lessons of romance as an adult. Relationships are areas will you will find yourself tested and judged. Saturn lets us know what we need to stop and examine, and how truthful how we are toward ourselves and others. Whatever is untrue and illusory, will carry with it a huge karmic bite in the ass. Close relationships may become erratic or surprising in some manner, and you may feel that it's hard to truly rely on a partner or you are the one who has been unreliable. That’s Uranus for you. But with Venus also close by, you are quite adaptable and will find your ability to compromised and negotiate will be the very thing you need. Jupiter in the 8th indicates the passing of someone quickly, or it could even represent an inheritance coming through. All is not bad, and when Saturn leaves your sign in 2012, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Lucky color: Rose.


Jupiter in the 7th House is fortunate in starting a new relationship or mending an old one. It is also a good time to learn a lot about yourself through your partner or loved one. You have the ability to negotiate and get what you want from your intended love at the time being. You will find yourself more capable of being leaned on at this time, and will have the resources to handle whatever comes your way, the good, the bad or indifferent. With Neptune transiting your 5th House, you may find yourself more romantic or more open to romance, and there will be strengths in other areas, as well. But it may seem illusory, missing or not very tangible. You will find yourself richly creative at the current time, a better leader and be more attuned to youth and children. You also have Saturn transiting your 12th House, which can involve cleaning house and the cutting away of certain things that have not served you. It is the dumping ground for things left “undone.” A swift conclusion may be in store, as well as looking at your own shortcomings. Lucky color: Green.


Love affairs may appear to be going stale at the current time and you or your partner may feel a need to escape the doldrums. Keep in mind you may both feel this way, not just one of you. Trial and error relationships may have trouble surviving the transition. You may be on such different schedules the only thing you have in common are the more mundane aspects of your lives, such as who cleans out the cat box or who keeps the home fires burning. You may even feel yourself wanting to rebel against your partner or vice versa. You will want to keep on your toes at the current time if you want the relationship to make it through. You are especially charming and attractive currently, with a silk tongue and gentle touch. You're most successful doing tasks that involve cooperation and team harmony. You could find that your talents or skills are especially appreciated. Romantic activities may revolve around your working environment. Someone who always seems to be “out of reach” or “on the go” is actually very interested in you. Lucky color: Yellow.


Despite the oppression you’ve been under for quite a while, Jupiter transiting your 5th House is suggesting it is now time to “let the good times roll.” You’ve been the serious, taskmaster it seems for ages, and you feel a need to lighten up, especially for Valentine’s Day and what lies beyond it. Love and romance may enter your life that seems frivolous and filled with fun, and social engagements abound. However, for singles meeting up that special someone so soon is unlikely and whoever you meet may not exactly be “serious relationship” material. Relationships with children may be especially fulfilling at the current time and pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this period, if that is what you’re seeking. You will also feel sentimental when it comes to relationships or a romantic nature and will be kind and gentle accordingly, and it in turn will be done to you. Pleasures of all kinds appeal to you now and you will take them all lightly. Lucky color: Silver and green.


If you’re not getting good sex right now then you are likely to fight. Why? Mars is transiting your 8th House of Sex and Power. Researchers know when people stare at each other directly in the eye for more than 20 seconds, they are either ready to have sex or get into a fist fight. So, Aquarians, it’s your choosing! There may even be a crisis you need to put an end to, or just put to bed for now. You will feel overtly sensitive and thus, negative comments may have you hurt and hunting for cover at the present time. You need an outlet, at the current time, a place to release the pent up energies. At the same time, love talk and expressing how you feel will be a release. Writing out your feelings will prove benefits for you, and don’t be surprised if you hear of a secret amour though some communication or even gossip. Smoothing over differences will work best for you in the coming days. Lucky color: White.


There is strong activity with partners, both positive and negative. Relationships of all kinds will be vigorous and areas of testing with Mars transiting your 7th House of Partners and “other people.” Open enemies may even come out of hiding and oppose you publically so be on your toes and on guard at the current time. You are very impressionable at times and you tend to idolize others who exhibit the kinds of qualities that you aspire to. Therefore it is important that you are clear about what you want in a partner and don’t overlook the obvious. Your intuition is stimulated and you can become more aware of psychological or psychic influences. Therefore also watch out for deception. It is a time to ponder on the spiritual values which you would like to reflect in your own life and this means in relationships as well. Much is being spiritualized in your life right now, and this includes romance. It is very important to look at what is truly being reflected in this relationship, it can take you into height of glory, but it can drag you through the mud, as well. It’s a great time to learn a new art form. Lucky color: Deep blue.


Thursday, October 20, 2011

Erzulie Freda Veve Meaning

Erzulie Freda Veve

Erzuelie Freda is the loa who brings passion, love, sex and beauty into our lives. Her symbol is a heart, usually surrounded by swirls, stars and the moon. By this veve we see the heart is central to Erzulie Freda, even beauty falls short of love in her spectrum of interests and passions. She is not exactly a faithful lover, but she is an ardent one once her attention is on her beloved. But her love is fickle, and she does not focus well on one man at a time. In reference to men, Erzulie loves them all as she is the loa of gay and transgendered men. She knows what it is to cultivate her feminine side and use it to gain more affection and other pleasantries. Erzulie loves to be lavished. She is certainly a beauty with her dancing green eyes and light skin, her silver jewelry, white and pink robes, but she is deft with ways of making herself even more attractive.
Erzulie Freda does not like to work that hard, she is bored by laboring and is too soft for it so some Voodoo practitioners view her as a bit lazy. She is also known for her weeping which she does often since she is the loa of the broken-hearted. However, because of her fickle nature Erzulie Freda does not cry for to long.

Story of Erzulie Freda:

Erzulie Freda is the goddess of romance, cosmetics, luxury and sensuality. She at times falls victim to petty jealousies and Erzulie can prefer the company of men over women. Despite her two husbands, some sources say that Erzulie Freda is a virgin and has been associated with the Virgin Mary since within her veve symbol is always a heart.
Erzulie Freda was a popular woman, especially among men and lovers. During the throes of passion they told her too many of their secrets. Fearing she might be captured by the enemy forces, her allies cut out her tongue so she could not reveal the secrets to the opponents of the revolution. They surmised flirty Erzulie aims to please, no matter who it is, and secrets weren’t safe with her. She could easily be tricked by an amorous lover. When Erzulie Freda tried to speak, all that came out was a trilling ka-ka-ka-ka-ka the sound of her tongue clicking the roof of her mouth. This same story is told about Erzulie Dantor, who is Freda’s sister, but they have always been jealous rivals of one another. Erzulie Freda wears three wedding rings, and surprisingly, although she is considered to be a virgin, she is married to three of the most important male loas: Damballa, Ogoun and Agwe. Erzulie is a striving spirit, forever ambitious to attain new love and affection. For this reason, she is never satisfied and is known as a weeping loa. When Erzulie Freda appears regret is possible but passion is certain.

Erzulie Freda Veve Meaning:

Love and beauty are emphasized in your life right now. This is a time you will want to please others and be appreciated as well. This is s time when others will tend to flow with you rather than against you. If you have recently had any imbalances in your life, or you sense this in your environment you will strive to set this straight, and take a more positive if not gentle approach.

Erzulie Freda is also about romantic love, so you will easily attract lovers or you will make positive strides in the relationship you are currently in. Your lover may suddenly become more ardent, idyllic or attentive to your needs. You may, in fact, have to choose between potential lovers or mates. A lover from your past may decide to look you up, while you find yourself already involved. Thus, you must make a choice but Erzulie Freda says your choice should be based on love and nothing else.

If there is a downside to turning up the Erzulie Freda veve it would be Goddess Erzulie can be a fickle one and so there is a chance of attracting lovers who are capricious or non-committal. If this is the case, you are not likely to force the issue since Erzulie Freda is given to sudden changes in behavior and frankly, she is a cheating lover. Since she wears three wedding rings, one lover or mate is not quite enough for her. This could perhaps be you or the romantic partner in your life. At her worst, she can indicate secret affairs or someone who isn’t frank with you and leads you by dishonest pleasantries. Erzulie Freda can also indicate petty jealousies arising. If your romantic area is not what you want it to be, this card can be an indicator that a more suitable or passionate lover for you is on his or her way. And sex will be good, very, very good.

You may not feel like working as hard right now, it is more important that things flow easily as your ability to charm and social pleasantries are emphasized rather than stress and difficulties. This veve indicates it’s time to take a break, to feel pleased, and concentrate on romantic love or other relationships. Erzulie Freda turns up in a reading, all manner of beauty, including fragrance, fashion or cosmetics, or the fine arts will be central to the answer to your question. Erzulie Freda cultivates and creates her own beauty through the finery she surrounds herself with. She also brings riches and wealth in certain cases, but Erzulie Freda is about love, love, love—all else takes a back seat. Her sign shows she is ruled by the heart. But an increase in your income through unexpected gifts or acts of love and giving are also likely. This could be a gift, an inheritance or an award where your work and talents are finally appreciated.

Key words and phrases for the Erzulie Frida Veve Card: Femininity, graciousness, comfort, romantic love, seeking pleasure, but there is also being vague, being non-committal and an inconstant lover, aesthetics, music, poetry, art, aromatherapy, perfume, sweets, beautiful fabrics, design, baubles, jewelry, bling, a sudden change in moods and whimsy, vacillating and not taking any stand, jealousy, love triangles and intrigues.

Catholic Saint: Our Lady of Sorrows, or the Virgin Mary
Egyptian Deity: Isis
Colors: Pink and White
Day of the week: Friday
Astrological archetype: Libra
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Holiday: St. Valentine’s Day

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Baron Samedi Veve Meaning

Baron Samedi Veve: Baron Samedi is probably the most recognizable loa of all. He appears in a black or white top hat, wearing a formal tuxedo and smoking a cigar. The Baron has hollowed-out eyes and ghastly white skull-face with a skeletal body. He wears dark glasses and cotton nasal plugs that associate him with the corpses in the graveyard. Sometimes Baron Samedi twirls a cane or walking stick. Samedi actually looks like one of his own spirits. He spends much of his time in the ghostly realm with recently departed souls since he is their guide into a mirror world that reflects our own but exists in the shadows— a mysterious place that souls slip into and one Baron Samedi is familiar with.

The Baron is an ancestral loa who helps departed souls cross over. He is a guardian not only to those living but also those who have passed on. The Baron rules over ghosts, an afterlife called “Guinee” (also represents the African homeland) and the underworld. The center cross in this veve symbolizes a graveyard cross and also the crossroads, a mysterious place where two roads meet, form a cross and human beings are tested by dark, spiritual forces and no human rules apply. The coffins show that Baron Samedi is the leader of the Guede who are not only spirits of the dead but also other forms of non-human ghosts. The coffins signify the twilight world of the zombies, a place where those passed on are not quite deceased but neither are they truly alive.

But these zombies do not kill or eat flesh. They have no real powers except to become slaves for the living through Baron Samedi. One cannot die and become a zombie unless Baron Samedi digs your grave. But sometimes a zombie can be given the gift of prophecy by Baron Samedi when and if the zombie is able to talk at all. However, when the zombie speaks it is usually the nasal, tinny voice of this creeper guardian of cemeteries named Samedi.

Baron Samedi goes by different names, such a Papa Guede, Baron Cemetiere, Baron La Croix, and an even darker aspect, Baron Kriminel. In his more positive aspects he can be called upon for healing or to help cross over those near death. Baron Samedi is a shape-shifter and a magician. Despite some of his obscene gestures and ribald jokes, he is a very wise loa.

As offerings, the Baron prefers rum, tobacco, pungent cigars, tops hats, and anything made of silver pleases him.

Story of Baron Samedi: On Halloween night, or the “night before the holy day,” Baron Samedi can be found at the crossroads welcoming the recently departed into the land of Guinee, or Voodoo afterlife. The Baron stands betwixt the worlds of life and death, and is represented by a wooden cross dressed in a tail coat or top hat and his symbol of the crossroads. During Voodoo rituals this facsimile of the Baron Samedi is carried into the graveyard to represent him. They know when the ghost of Baron Samedi has arrived as the clothes attached to the cross will start to whip in the winds. Those who are psychically attuned may even glimpse the image of Baron Samedi as a tall, lithe black man, with face that glares like a skull and hollow black eyes whose centers glitter under the moon. It’s easy to recognize the Baron’s lesser spirits because they dress exactly like him.

The first burial of a man in a cemetery is dedicated to Baron Samedi and one cannot become a zombie unless the Baron digs the grave first. Thus, if the Baron refuses to dig the grave, a zombie cannot be made. He stands at the cemetery gate that leads into the underworld. He is the spiritual father not only the ghosts in the graveyard but spirits all over. Baron Samedi is called upon to the help the sick, and those who are beyond help, he will assist them into crossing over into the land of the spirits.

Baron Samedi is the loa of sex and resurrection. He can act crudely during Voodoo ceremonies as he makes obscene gestures, and shares vulgar jokes about sex and human elimination. As a spirit of extremes, he finds humor in sex and death both. Baron Samedi reminds us of our limitations while living in the human form, as we cannot move about like a spirit as he is able to do. The Baron is also a trickster, shape-shifter and a great magician. He is helpful with magic spells and loves playing with children. In fact, Baron Samedi shows a gentler side toward the very young. Baron Samedi is married to the female loa Maman Brigitte where they act as King and Queen lording over zombies.

As a loa, the image of the Baron is familiar in the United States as the spirit guardian of New Orleans. He often appears at Mardi Gras with grinning skull-face, twirling a cane and in his top hat. There are other stories that link Baron Samedi in New Orleans. One story tells that the Baron’s zombie trance was taught to Voodoo Priestess Marie Laveau and her followers by Baron Samedi himself in the 1800s.

The Devil baby, who is said to torment visitors along Bourbon Street, is thought to be the spawn of Baron Samedi. The Devil baby was born of a young Creole woman whom the Baron had lusted after for a long time. On November 1st or All Saints’ Day (the holiday of Baron Samedi) she visited her mother’s grave. It was while she was grieving over the tomb that the Baron impregnated her without her being aware of it. Maman Brigette found out about the Baron’s sex act with the Creole girl and cast a spell. The baby was born as a Devil baby who still floats throughout the French Quarter scaring visitors and bringing bad luck on those who do not respect Baron Samedi by not taking his powers seriously.

Baron Samedi Meaning: “Samedi,” is French for Saturday so the Baron’s name actually means “Baron Saturday.” This is quite fitting since “Saturday” means “Saturn’s Day,” a day given to the Roman god Saturn, who acts as a reaper and clears away waste, what is old, no longer has a purpose or is outworn. Some pictures show Saturn holding a scythe, cutting away weeds, discarding refuse, and what is no longer useful.

When the Baron Samedi veve comes up in a reading, the old way is going by the wayside and the deck is being cleared for new action. You can expect the changes to be dramatic, but not necessarily quick. There will be a death to something that has worn out and is no longer useful, and a new beginning will break through. However, in one way, these changes will tend to drag on and you may feel some frustration over time. Passions, jealousies, obsession or being the object of some obsession will likely figure in into the course your life is currently taking.

This is the time for making firm decisions, burning your bridges and not looking back. Sexual ardor may figure in but not usually with any softness, tenderness or sympathy. Instead, it will seem that something very deep is driving the connection and it is one of great passion, and also tempting and unforgettable.

Probing for the truth and gaining a focus also comes with this card. Facing the darkness and standing alone, especially because of your most deep principles and beliefs is another major part of putting this veve card. It indicates willpower and powers of all kind, including supernatural powers. Ghosts may speak to you or you may suddenly become aware of spiritual presences in your life.

The taboo and the darker side will intrigue you. Having gained a radar, while “sizing up” a situation for what it truly is, will not let you down, because in what you are now sensing is real and you’re not crazy. You may develop a stronger temper than the norm or may be provoked into standing up for what you believe.

Baron Samedi rules over finances and gambling because he endows good luck to gambler at the crossroads especially on Halloween night. Goods of the dead, what the dead leaves behind, inheritances, hidden resources are represented by this card. You may feel unusually seductive and sexual. The mystery of love and what can be found in sex, as in being transformed through the sex act is connected to this card. Now is the time to rely upon instinct and gut reactions.

Magic spells, charms and enchantments fall under this card. Exerting force, making things happen, and personal magnetism are all at your disposal. Never forgetting an insult and quietly riding it out until you can make your move and strike back are also properties of this card. You may give off an energy that is independent and “hands off” for the time being. This may be a time where you do not want to show emotion because of a deeply-rooted vulnerability. You are feeling secretive and are unable to show love openly. You may feel alone or lonely while staying aloof and pushing others away.

You will have an increased awareness of all things paranormal, and may witness for yourself true spirit contact. You may suddenly gain the ability to see into the future or have precognitive dreams. Deceased persons may give you messages in dreams. If so, take them seriously. You will want to shy away from any kind of manipulative behavior, whether or not it comes from you or another person. Lay all of your cards on the table and expect the same from your partner.

Doors are being for you into opened into unknown territory. This change will involve risk and will call upon all of your powers and strengths. If you are involved in a romance at this time, it will be either be tempestuous or very consuming and deep, one that is life-changing. Your sexual relationship may be on that is very rewarding or jealousies and insecurities may intervene. At this time, it would not be a good idea to make your partner jealous to test his or her love. Be careful of relationships that start to become passionate too soon.

At this time, you will notice an increased focus, more inner strength and more commitment. You will be shining a light in the darkness for others to see as Baron Samedi will surely show you the way.

Things that are associated with the Baron Samedi card: Vampires, ghosts, zombies. Look into what is hidden is misunderstood. There is a partiality toward anything paranormal and the darker the better. The colors maroon, egg plant, scarlet, orange and black. Darkness, midnight, the dead of night. Graveyards, occult bookstores, stagnant water and sewers. Feeling haunted or afraid that surfaces out of nowhere. Feelings of unease, being closed in, sensing what is there and what might not be there. Not showing love openly for out of fear. Waking up feeling dead or unable to move. Feelings of being pressed and suffocated. Experiences so unusual others may not believe them, they are so strange and incredible. Psychic powers to a scary degree may be a part of your life now. All of these matters are under the ruler-ship of Saturn, and more faintly, the planet Pluto.

Catholic Saint: Saint Andrew (who was nailed to a cross).

Egyptian Deity: Anubis

Colors: Black, Plum, deep Red.

Day of the week: Saturday

Astrological archetype: Scorpio

Tarot card: The Devil

Holiday: November 1st, All Saints Day, and October 31st, the night before, traditionally a time when the dead are allowed to return to visit with the living.

Saturday, August 6, 2011

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours 2017

Between two mysterious rivers lies a strange land called West Virginia.

All manner of magical creatures have materialized throughout its hills and valleys, mountains and rivers, as well. Monsters have appeared and vanished here, but not for long.
Parkersburg, West Virginia is one such city where hauntings abound. It is a place where ghosts are prone to lurk, banshees don't mind keening, mothmen aren't afraid to fly, witches dance in secret and there are graveyards where statues famously get up and walk.

At nighttime the streets of downtown Parkersburg are ghosted in the mists of shadows and eerie, meandering alleyways. Presences are felt from Civil War times when Parkersburg was said to be "the wickedest city along the Ohio River." Many believe it is still the most haunted.

But ghosts aren't the only supernatural creatures that haunt Parkersburg. The small, river city is also the only place on record where the alien Indrid Cold touched down in his spaceship on a foggy November night in 1966. (The story was covered in John Keel's "Mothman Prophecies" and more recently, the movie "Eyes of the Mothman.")

But that's only one of Parkersburg's famous paranormal tales. In addition, we have graveyard ghouls and vexing railroad ghosts. There are houses where ghostly children refuse to leave... a haunted hotel and places poltergeists continue to posses. That doesn't even cover our own haunted island where a woman in white is a ghostly remnant, mourning the life and losses she once had.

After all, Parkersburg has always had exceptional tales of the supernatural. Its popular Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours, led by Susan Sheppard, is voted one of those most well-received in the nation. Likewise, Parkersburg remains a nortorious investigation site for ghost hunters from throughout the nation. The Blennerhassett Hotel, where the ghost tour starts out, was voted by MSNBC as the 6th most haunted hotel in North America, only beaten out for 5th place by the Stanley, or the famous "Shining Hotel" in Colorado. Paranormal activity is high at the Blennerhassett Hotel and is a great place to sense the spirits.
So, are you ready to explore the unique hauntings and paranormal tales of Parkersburg? All tours meet at 7:30 p.m. in the lobby of the Blennerhassett Hotel at 4th and Market Streets, downtown Parkersburg, WV.

Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours
2017 Scheduled Tours
Every Friday & Saturday Night through November 4

Friday September 29
Saturday September 30

Friday October 6
Saturday October 7

Friday October 13
Saturday October 14

Friday October 20
Saturday October 21

Friday October 27
Saturday October 28

Sunday October 29
Monday October 30

Halloween Tour
Tuesday October 31st

Friday November 3
Saturday November 4

Would you like a private ghost tour? Or a private haunted cemetery tour? Please look at the links for contact and other information.

 Cost for the ghost tour is $12.00 Adults. Seniors & Students are $10.00
 Children 13 and under $5.00. Children under 6 are not recommended.
For more information (304) 428-7978
Don't forget about our special private tours!  $15 per person. Under 8 people $20 For groups, price is negotiable.

Your tour guide Susan Sheppard. Please call (304) 428-7978 for more information about the 2016 Haunted Parkersburg Ghost Tours.