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Erzulie Freda Veve Meaning

Erzulie Freda Veve

Erzuelie Freda is the loa who brings passion, love, sex and beauty into our lives. Her symbol is a heart, usually surrounded by swirls, stars and the moon. By this veve we see the heart is central to Erzulie Freda, even beauty falls short of love in her spectrum of interests and passions. She is not exactly a faithful lover, but she is an ardent one once her attention is on her beloved. But her love is fickle, and she does not focus well on one man at a time. In reference to men, Erzulie loves them all as she is the loa of gay and transgendered men. She knows what it is to cultivate her feminine side and use it to gain more affection and other pleasantries. Erzulie loves to be lavished. She is certainly a beauty with her dancing green eyes and light skin, her silver jewelry, white and pink robes, but she is deft with ways of making herself even more attractive.
Erzulie Freda does not like to work that hard, she is bored by laboring and is too soft for it so some Voodoo practitioners view her as a bit lazy. She is also known for her weeping which she does often since she is the loa of the broken-hearted. However, because of her fickle nature Erzulie Freda does not cry for to long.

Story of Erzulie Freda:

Erzulie Freda is the goddess of romance, cosmetics, luxury and sensuality. She at times falls victim to petty jealousies and Erzulie can prefer the company of men over women. Despite her two husbands, some sources say that Erzulie Freda is a virgin and has been associated with the Virgin Mary since within her veve symbol is always a heart.
Erzulie Freda was a popular woman, especially among men and lovers. During the throes of passion they told her too many of their secrets. Fearing she might be captured by the enemy forces, her allies cut out her tongue so she could not reveal the secrets to the opponents of the revolution. They surmised flirty Erzulie aims to please, no matter who it is, and secrets weren’t safe with her. She could easily be tricked by an amorous lover. When Erzulie Freda tried to speak, all that came out was a trilling ka-ka-ka-ka-ka the sound of her tongue clicking the roof of her mouth. This same story is told about Erzulie Dantor, who is Freda’s sister, but they have always been jealous rivals of one another. Erzulie Freda wears three wedding rings, and surprisingly, although she is considered to be a virgin, she is married to three of the most important male loas: Damballa, Ogoun and Agwe. Erzulie is a striving spirit, forever ambitious to attain new love and affection. For this reason, she is never satisfied and is known as a weeping loa. When Erzulie Freda appears regret is possible but passion is certain.

Erzulie Freda Veve Meaning:

Love and beauty are emphasized in your life right now. This is a time you will want to please others and be appreciated as well. This is s time when others will tend to flow with you rather than against you. If you have recently had any imbalances in your life, or you sense this in your environment you will strive to set this straight, and take a more positive if not gentle approach.

Erzulie Freda is also about romantic love, so you will easily attract lovers or you will make positive strides in the relationship you are currently in. Your lover may suddenly become more ardent, idyllic or attentive to your needs. You may, in fact, have to choose between potential lovers or mates. A lover from your past may decide to look you up, while you find yourself already involved. Thus, you must make a choice but Erzulie Freda says your choice should be based on love and nothing else.

If there is a downside to turning up the Erzulie Freda veve it would be Goddess Erzulie can be a fickle one and so there is a chance of attracting lovers who are capricious or non-committal. If this is the case, you are not likely to force the issue since Erzulie Freda is given to sudden changes in behavior and frankly, she is a cheating lover. Since she wears three wedding rings, one lover or mate is not quite enough for her. This could perhaps be you or the romantic partner in your life. At her worst, she can indicate secret affairs or someone who isn’t frank with you and leads you by dishonest pleasantries. Erzulie Freda can also indicate petty jealousies arising. If your romantic area is not what you want it to be, this card can be an indicator that a more suitable or passionate lover for you is on his or her way. And sex will be good, very, very good.

You may not feel like working as hard right now, it is more important that things flow easily as your ability to charm and social pleasantries are emphasized rather than stress and difficulties. This veve indicates it’s time to take a break, to feel pleased, and concentrate on romantic love or other relationships. Erzulie Freda turns up in a reading, all manner of beauty, including fragrance, fashion or cosmetics, or the fine arts will be central to the answer to your question. Erzulie Freda cultivates and creates her own beauty through the finery she surrounds herself with. She also brings riches and wealth in certain cases, but Erzulie Freda is about love, love, love—all else takes a back seat. Her sign shows she is ruled by the heart. But an increase in your income through unexpected gifts or acts of love and giving are also likely. This could be a gift, an inheritance or an award where your work and talents are finally appreciated.

Key words and phrases for the Erzulie Frida Veve Card: Femininity, graciousness, comfort, romantic love, seeking pleasure, but there is also being vague, being non-committal and an inconstant lover, aesthetics, music, poetry, art, aromatherapy, perfume, sweets, beautiful fabrics, design, baubles, jewelry, bling, a sudden change in moods and whimsy, vacillating and not taking any stand, jealousy, love triangles and intrigues.

Catholic Saint: Our Lady of Sorrows, or the Virgin Mary
Egyptian Deity: Isis
Colors: Pink and White
Day of the week: Friday
Astrological archetype: Libra
Tarot Card: The Lovers
Holiday: St. Valentine’s Day


  1. Peace and blessings...does anyone know Freda's scents? I'm gathering rose is one of them...are there more?>?

  2. So sorry I am just getting back to you. I don't know why I miss my messages. I think it's because my gmail add has changed. It would be any kind of perfume, but like rosewater and also Florida water that is used in Hoodoo. Likely anything that would smell sweet and feminine.