Monday, February 13, 2012

Written In the Stars:

Your Love and Passion Astroscopes for Valentine’s Day and After 2012

By Susan Sheppard

“Love consists in this: Two solitudes that protect and touch and greet each other.”
Rainer Maria Rilke

Romantic love is one thing that never tires, and should endure, regardless of what, if it is true love. If it is not true love, it will neither endure. Love of all kinds heals, romantic love especially, gives hope, emboldens and enlivens. I believe the most important word in Rilke’s quote is “protect.” If you love someone or someone, you will protect that person and not align yourself against him or her. You will not be afraid to fight and defend that which you claim to love.

True love is strong, as strong a 1000 year old tree in a forest. “Love is patient, love is kind. It does not envy, it does not boast, it is not proud. 5 It does not dishonor others, it is not self-seeking, it is not easily angered, it keeps no record of wrongs. 6 Love does not delight in evil but rejoices with the truth. 7 It always protects, always trusts, always hopes, love always perseveres.” : 1 Corinthians 13:48


Love is of a serious nature now but also quite unpredictable. If you believe you can predict where this romance is leading you, think again. There are even more surprises in store. Venus and Uranus in your 1st House of Self have overturned the apple-cart and so there is a lot of cleaning up to do. Saturn transiting your 7th House of adult relationships may seem trying if not oppressive and frightening. You may want to break free from the oppression but will need to give it until the summer of 2012 to wrap up your troubles in order to find yourself in a better place. There will be further karmic explosions when Mars moves up along Saturn’s transit of Libra in July of 2012. Mars in Libra is in its detriment -- a place where the expressions of the planet's natural inclinations are confined by the rules and regulations of Saturn. Just remember, you won’t be able to please everyone, most especially yourself. Lucky colors: gold and red.


The planets have put you in a heady place this Valentine’s Day. You have just fallen in love with the idea of love and all that it brings you. Mars will stay in your 5th House until the summer season rolls around, so expect some fireworks. You may go through periods of bickering and arguing with your amour but it’s normal at this time. This simply signifies a time when feelings will feel ruffled. Your enemies may wish to harass your romantic relationship and even horn in on your pleasure. At the same time, expect a great deal of physical passion and putting down stakes. You or your love may become unusually jealous or possessive at this time, so it’s important to give each other free reign and curtail any jealousies that flare up. It may be a time when you and your lover are finding it hard to get on the same page or to match up your schedules. Next month will bring in better news. For those who are still single look for a person who enflames passion in you is soon to arrive. Lucky colors: Indigo and sea green.


With Saturn in your 5th House of Love and Romance, this is an area where you will feel frozen and unable to move forward. It’s not a bad thing, it’s just the romance cannot move ahead for various reasons. The positive spin on this, though, is you are attracting lovers or just playmates that have something to teach before getting ready for that big, monumental relationship that could very well move into your life after the middle of 2012. There’s no doubt, as far as affection is concerned, you’ve had a long dry spell and some playful passions will be even more appreciated when they bubble up in the warmer months. There is even better news, the love you are about to meet (or already have met) is going to be quite different than the rest of the fold, a bit on the quirky side in all of the ways that you love. Be open, because this gal or guy is marches to the beat of not only different drummer, but outside the whole damned galaxy, as well. Start making plans on how to explain him or her to the people you know. This one is an odd duck. Lucky colors: Stripes of navy and white.


With Saturn in your 4th House, there is not only a winter on the outside of your house but inside your house as well. A chilly place for the time being, you will find solace in your power to create and invent. You may either find yourself walking on eggshells or just greatly misunderstood. There have been power struggles in relationships across the board, but none so much as personal ones, the ones that matter the most to you. Jupiter in the 11th House is telling you to take comfort in your friends. Mars in the 3rd House warns it is not yet the time to speak your mind and air your feelings. It is better to transform this energy through transforming the lives of others and yourself. Neptune aligning Mercury in your 9th House says it is time to allow your mind and future plans to soar. This week may be a busy one in terms of romantic propositions but it is not yet the time to start a romance of any serious nature. This week should be a playful one, never the less. The full moon next month has some surprises in store, not just for you, but everyone. Watch out for secret romantic as well as professional alignments. Lucky colors: Scarlet-brown.


If you are pretty proud of yourself for playing a very efficient and effective puppeteer, now’s the time to be a little more careful than you have been. Neptune and Mercury in your 8th House of Passion but also Endings, indicate that you have the power to attract a lover right now, but be careful of what you do with him or her. It might all blow up in your face, and not only make not a pretty scene, but a difficult one to explain to others. Avoid any off –the-cuff remarks can put you in some hot water. Intimate relationships will have some spiritual undercurrents but can turn out very confusing for the both of you. Do be careful of an over indulgence of alcohol or other mind-altering substances or it may come back on you in an embarrassing may. And what you believe that belongs to you may not belong to you. This is a time when boundaries may become very fuzzy and confused. A love interest who attracts you during this cycle may be somebody who you previously wouldn't consider attractive, or someone whose cultural background is very different than yours. Make sure your friends aren’t laughing at you. Lucky color: Pewter.


You may be questioning your relationship with your partner right now. It could even be your spouse or romantic partner is being very elusive at the current time. If you are not in a relationship, and want to start one, just be careful of idealizing that potential mate very early one. It may seem like this lover is “the one” but could end up disappointing you in some major ways. On the other hand, however, you may be connecting with others in a more spiritual way than ever before. Don’t expect your partner or lover to fulfill everything in your life. This always sets up for a disappointment and you don’t need any more of those kind. The good news is your partner may soon be getting a financial boost, and your relationship is healing, revitalizing and changing. This month, especially, you are seeking a deeper union. Those who need healed sexually will be. You have until summer to get the bugs worked out. Mars in Virgo has given you energy, and made your life busy. Just don’t get baited by loved ones, this is a long transit. Lucky color: Deep red.


With Saturn transiting your Sun, any relationship you embark upon at this time will have a serious quality and is meant to help you grow up and learn some valuable lessons of romance as an adult. Relationships are areas will you will find yourself tested and judged. Saturn lets us know what we need to stop and examine, and how truthful how we are toward ourselves and others. Whatever is untrue and illusory, will carry with it a huge karmic bite in the ass. Close relationships may become erratic or surprising in some manner, and you may feel that it's hard to truly rely on a partner or you are the one who has been unreliable. That’s Uranus for you. But with Venus also close by, you are quite adaptable and will find your ability to compromised and negotiate will be the very thing you need. Jupiter in the 8th indicates the passing of someone quickly, or it could even represent an inheritance coming through. All is not bad, and when Saturn leaves your sign in 2012, you can breathe a sigh of relief. Lucky color: Rose.


Jupiter in the 7th House is fortunate in starting a new relationship or mending an old one. It is also a good time to learn a lot about yourself through your partner or loved one. You have the ability to negotiate and get what you want from your intended love at the time being. You will find yourself more capable of being leaned on at this time, and will have the resources to handle whatever comes your way, the good, the bad or indifferent. With Neptune transiting your 5th House, you may find yourself more romantic or more open to romance, and there will be strengths in other areas, as well. But it may seem illusory, missing or not very tangible. You will find yourself richly creative at the current time, a better leader and be more attuned to youth and children. You also have Saturn transiting your 12th House, which can involve cleaning house and the cutting away of certain things that have not served you. It is the dumping ground for things left “undone.” A swift conclusion may be in store, as well as looking at your own shortcomings. Lucky color: Green.


Love affairs may appear to be going stale at the current time and you or your partner may feel a need to escape the doldrums. Keep in mind you may both feel this way, not just one of you. Trial and error relationships may have trouble surviving the transition. You may be on such different schedules the only thing you have in common are the more mundane aspects of your lives, such as who cleans out the cat box or who keeps the home fires burning. You may even feel yourself wanting to rebel against your partner or vice versa. You will want to keep on your toes at the current time if you want the relationship to make it through. You are especially charming and attractive currently, with a silk tongue and gentle touch. You're most successful doing tasks that involve cooperation and team harmony. You could find that your talents or skills are especially appreciated. Romantic activities may revolve around your working environment. Someone who always seems to be “out of reach” or “on the go” is actually very interested in you. Lucky color: Yellow.


Despite the oppression you’ve been under for quite a while, Jupiter transiting your 5th House is suggesting it is now time to “let the good times roll.” You’ve been the serious, taskmaster it seems for ages, and you feel a need to lighten up, especially for Valentine’s Day and what lies beyond it. Love and romance may enter your life that seems frivolous and filled with fun, and social engagements abound. However, for singles meeting up that special someone so soon is unlikely and whoever you meet may not exactly be “serious relationship” material. Relationships with children may be especially fulfilling at the current time and pregnancy or childbirth may occur during this period, if that is what you’re seeking. You will also feel sentimental when it comes to relationships or a romantic nature and will be kind and gentle accordingly, and it in turn will be done to you. Pleasures of all kinds appeal to you now and you will take them all lightly. Lucky color: Silver and green.


If you’re not getting good sex right now then you are likely to fight. Why? Mars is transiting your 8th House of Sex and Power. Researchers know when people stare at each other directly in the eye for more than 20 seconds, they are either ready to have sex or get into a fist fight. So, Aquarians, it’s your choosing! There may even be a crisis you need to put an end to, or just put to bed for now. You will feel overtly sensitive and thus, negative comments may have you hurt and hunting for cover at the present time. You need an outlet, at the current time, a place to release the pent up energies. At the same time, love talk and expressing how you feel will be a release. Writing out your feelings will prove benefits for you, and don’t be surprised if you hear of a secret amour though some communication or even gossip. Smoothing over differences will work best for you in the coming days. Lucky color: White.


There is strong activity with partners, both positive and negative. Relationships of all kinds will be vigorous and areas of testing with Mars transiting your 7th House of Partners and “other people.” Open enemies may even come out of hiding and oppose you publically so be on your toes and on guard at the current time. You are very impressionable at times and you tend to idolize others who exhibit the kinds of qualities that you aspire to. Therefore it is important that you are clear about what you want in a partner and don’t overlook the obvious. Your intuition is stimulated and you can become more aware of psychological or psychic influences. Therefore also watch out for deception. It is a time to ponder on the spiritual values which you would like to reflect in your own life and this means in relationships as well. Much is being spiritualized in your life right now, and this includes romance. It is very important to look at what is truly being reflected in this relationship, it can take you into height of glory, but it can drag you through the mud, as well. It’s a great time to learn a new art form. Lucky color: Deep blue.


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